A Sustainable Space for Community, Exercise, and Parking.



When the automobile became more prevalent, cities that were designed for walking and the use of horse and carriage were unable to accommodate the new parking need. For that reason, large fields were replaced with parking lots. While incredibly important in the modern day, they are not aesthetically pleasing and take away from space that could be used by the community.

Read here about the benefits of parks to the community.

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Project Desires:

Combining natural beauty, environmental protection, community interaction, and practicality is intention of this project. The setting is currently a surface-level parking lot near a high-school, a park, and a neighborhood.

The proposal is to replace this parking lot with a below grade parking garage with the garage’s ceiling being a grass field at street level, to keep the area looking clean and natural. Underground parking will benefit the cars as they will no longer be open to the elements such as rain, sun, and snow. Above the parking lot will be a grass field and trees around the perimeter which will absorb CO2, be more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt, and provide a location for benches for people to socialize.

Users will be students and park goers––who already park in the existing lot––of all physical abilities, athletes who will be able to play in the football field sized area, spectators, and neighbors.

This structure relates to the Sustainable Development Goal of “Good Health and Wellbeing” as it will be open to anyone in the community––unlike some current fields––where people can play, exercise, and socialize. Additionally, it relates to “Sustainable Cities and Communities” as it improves upon the current infrastructure, making it more beautiful and more environmentally friendly.


Above is the rooftop garden for the Houston Medical Center (Texas) parking ramp. The rooftop garden allows for more space for community, is attractive, reduces stormwater runoff, and absorbs carbon dioxide. I like that there are different “rooms” created by the orientation of benches, tables, and plants.

Site plan:

Floor plans:

Above, left: The field level will be open to field on the left and right of the space. There will be a place for socializing, access to buildings which will contain elevators and stairs to below, and paths to the street.
Above, right: The parking level will have space for parking, restrooms, vending machines, and drinking fountains.

Initial model:


Final model:

Thank you for spending time reading about my interest in providing sustainable open space in the community, please do visit this final survey to provide me feedback.

Final survey.

Fuller information and research bibliography can be found here:

Link to Google Document.

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  1. April 28, 2019 by Andrew S Wu

    This is awesome! I love how creative you were with designing this project, especially in coming up with the idea of having an underground garage in the first place! I think your execution in sketchup was really good, and it really shows how well thought out your idea is.

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