“I’m so depressed! I got a B on my AP calc test 😡” – lots of people.

But are you actually? What is depression anyways? How do we distinguish that from sadness? Let me put it this way; You’re not depressed if you get one bad grade in a test.

Unfortunately, depression is still a huge problem in teens nowadays. According to John Hopkin’s article on the Rise in Teenage depression, clinical depression, and anxiety in teens ages 12-17 are on the rise. But what is depression anyways? You see, there is a huge difference between the feeling of depression and actually being clinically depressed. I conducted a survey to analyze the knowledge high schoolers have on this certain mental health issue, as results shows, I was quite concern to see how many people have had experiences with the feeling of depression but also how their peers, teenagers like us, don’t even know what it is.

The result of this survey shows that more than half of the 20 responders shows that they have felt “depressed” before. This can be due to the abundant of stress from school and peer pressure. Other reasons can also be valid and varies from each person.

You see, the difference between clinical depression and the feelings of depression lies in the symptoms of those who are clinically depressed. Symptoms includes but is not limited to the following;

  1. Changes in appetite
  2. Insomnia or Excessive sleeping
  3. Anger
  4. Energy loss
  5. Suicidal thoughts
  6. Loss in activities that once interested them

These are the basic symptoms that people who have clear signs of clinical depression experience, I have to say, it is tough. It’s not easy being in a state in which your mind is working against you, but essentially you can’t really control it. Since so many people experience depression, I have implemented a visual to show you our thought process. This is called the “Change triangle”

This Change Triangle essentially explains our emotions, as you can see, the malaise feeling is a common human feel. This Change Triangle can be a solution to help many who are conflicted. This helps you identify your feelings.

Overall, Depression is a problem. It’s a problem amongst teen that needs to be put into the spotlight, not to be glorified or romanticized, but to raise awareness on the importance on mental health and the increasing amount of teens effected by it. We can do this by simply reducing inconsiderate humor or speeches made to target those effected, which is a lot more than we think. By adding more knowledge to depression, we can identify the symptoms and help those in need, especially when they choose not to stand up and speak out. Everyone effected by depression needs to be heard.


it is important that we’re all aware of the issue of depression, linked below is a video to me talking about what we can do to battle and raise awareness of such issue.

Below is an image I drew to put depression into art form, since art is therapeutic and calming, as well as is a way of expression. As well as taking walks along the beaches, the ocean sound is found to be the most calming sound of all, which helps with relaxation.


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  1. April 26, 2019 by Natalie Bauder

    Hello! Nice job. I agree that student’s declining mental health is becoming more prominent, and is a big problem. I thought your artwork was very powerful, and your suggestion of talking to someone if you are feeling depressed is very good. Many of my friends and myself included suffer from poor mental health, so it is great that you are bringing up this issue, it is really something that needs to be talked about more in schools.

    • April 26, 2019 by Chanamon.Chaivaivid

      Thank you so much!

  2. April 28, 2019 by Manasi Garg

    Hi, I loved the illustrations- you are so talented!
    I thought the way this was structured was really good because the flow of information made sense. I learned a lot about your topic great job!

    • May 01, 2019 by Chanamon.Chaivaivid

      Aw, thank you!

  3. May 01, 2019 by Erika Homan

    Hi! This is a super important topic, so thank you for taking the time to talk about it. It is definitely very different to “feel’ depressed and actually have depression and I have noticed many people use this term without thinking about the implications of it/how it can hurt others.

    • May 01, 2019 by Chanamon.Chaivaivid

      I agree! Thank you!

  4. May 01, 2019 by Frieda

    Hi! I love this project! I really like your drawing, it really adds to the project. What are your thoughts on online quizzes that “diagnose” you for depression or other mental health disorders?

    • May 01, 2019 by Chanamon.Chaivaivid

      I feel like while the online quizzes give a basis to symptoms, they are super inaccurate. In the meantime, if someone who feels like they are depressed and does the quizzes and the results come out as “omg you are depressed” or however they phrase it, that person can use it as a catalyst to go see actual help but overall I feel that those online quizzes are super off and not the best way to find out if you are depressed or not. Thankyou so much!

  5. May 01, 2019 by Katie

    Hi! I really loved your project. You tackled such a difficult yet important topic in a way that really made it accessible to the reader. In particular, I thought your “Change Triangle” was really informative and helpful in that it shows different stages but also what to do when you’re there. (Also that’s a really good drawing)

  6. May 08, 2019 by Michael Bell

    Nice project, research, and sketch! What can we do as individuals other than seek help from a professional? You mentioned walks on the beach – what other practices might we employ to relieve depression?

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