Description of Awards

All awards are placed on the project page after being granted.  You can search for award winners on the main conference page using the filter dropdown for awards.

Audience awardAudience Choice Award: These badges are awarded to presentations that capture the buzz of conference attendees by generating the most audience engagement.

GOA citationGOA Citation: These badges are awarded to exemplary presentations who the Global Online Academy and participating member school faculty determine best represent the goals of the conference: 1) Raising awareness, 2) Promoting grassroots action, 3) Promoting institutional change.

Explore all 2018 GOA Citation winners here.

The Catalyst for Change Prize: This prize is the most prestigious prize at the Catalyst Conference, and reserved for a small number of presentations. A GOA recruited panel of advocacy experts and organizations will review and award the Catalyst for Change Prize to presentations that have demonstrated exceptional thoughtfulness, planning, and potential for enduring change. Panel experts will use the conference presentation rubric to guide their evaluation. In addition to a badge on their presentation and GOA public promotion, recipients of this award will be granted the opportunity to consult with an expert on the panel in the field of social change about the ways to further this project or seek guidance on a new idea their Catalyst Presentation has sparked.