Climate Change and you


“The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all”

Pope Francis

I feel like there is a strong need for a Catalyst conference and on climate action specifically. Our climate is something that many take for granted, especially in larger and more industrialized countries. We need it for resources, yet pollute the air and create an environment conducive to rising temperatures and unstable weather. Education about these issues is the most important part of the UN sustainable development goal, and this is what the catalyst conference provides. Nothing can be achieved if we don’t first know the problem.       

90% of the world’s disasters are caused by weather, which kills around 30,000 people per year, and the number of these will only increase as the climate keeps becomes increasingly hotter. The world isn’t just getting hotter, it’s getting hotter at an increasing rate. Melting sea ice is flowing into the ocean at around 130 billion tons per year and causing sea levels to rise and weather instability with that. This problem is only getting worse and education on climate change along with global cooperation is what will change that.  

This is the classic tragedy of the commons; the pure strategy for both players is to let more animals roam since it dominates. This means the Nash equilibrium of this game is for both people to roam more animals; Any mixed strategy would also end with both players roaming more animals. This strategy, however, is not Pareto optimal  

The Tragedy of the commons is a great simplification of what is happening in the world in terms of climate change since it shows us from a game theory perspective for how looking at self-interests can be detrimental to the rest of society. This applies to countries trying to better themselves economically as well as individuals making decisions for there own conviniance

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