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Climate Change Conversation was created by the students of GOA’s Climate Change and Global Inequality class:

Levith Andrade Cuellar, Sandeepa Das, Jaya Dayal, George Downs, Sean Dunbar, Julie Gatineau, Zoe Herlick, Celia Malone, Luis Mendoza, Jazkia Phillips, Gavin Prentice, Chloe Smith Frank, Bryent Takayama, Janina Troper, Dylan Vroon, and Estelle Woodcock

GOA’s Climate Change and Global Inequality class went out into our communities to discover people’s attitudes towards and understanding of climate change.  What we found was by parts predictable, by parts startling, and everywhere underscored both our collective concern and unsettling disconnect from this growing crisis.

We have gathered insights from more than 50 interviews into the podcasts below, that reflect what our interviewees shared and what we learned, as we all negotiate the complex landscape of climate change.

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What first comes to mind when you hear the words “climate change?’

“Increasing severity of weather patterns is just not scary enough to prompt people to take action”

Chloe Smith Frank

“Taking action remains difficult.. and often unaffordable”

“Climate change is the new gravity — it’s undeniable”

George Downs and Bryent Takayama

“This is not about believing or not believing in climate change – the question is do you understand climate change?”

“In the Philippines we are in the middle of the “ring of fire.” No one here denies climate change.”

“In my country of Morocco, we have other, more pressing priorities”

Andrade Cuellar, Gatineau and Woodcock

“Environmental racism leaves communities of color without choices — you do what you have to do to survive”

“So often the voices you hear in the climate change movement are white voices, when really the voices that need to be heard, that are living the reality of climate change, are people of color”

Celia Malone and Jazkia Phillips

“How important do you think women are to combatting climate change?

Too often the power of this essential demographic is overlooked.”

Jaya Dayal
Sean Dunbar
Sandeepa Das

“The Apocalypse is here. Even if we all stop producing carbon right now,, there is so much in the atmosphere that’s continuing to rise … we’re about to see the greatest humanitarian crisis in history.”

Zoe Herlick, Celia Malone and Janina Troper
Gavin Prentice
Dylan Vroon

“There are climate change activists, climate change deniers, and climate change bystanders. Will we, and by we I mean those who are aware of climate change and its effects, continue to be climate change bystanders?”

Luis Mendoza

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  1. April 28, 2019 by Kellee O’Brien

    The conversations and interviews are of very professional quality with well thought out questions and follow up questions. The subject is timely and your presentations were a learning experience for me.

    I live In Los Angeles and recent editions of The Los Angeles Times have had focused and interesting articles on the various types of impact to society from climate change.

    Thank you.

  2. May 01, 2019 by marinemasterbigkwing

    Hey Mila, very informative presentation. I thought this was an outstanding presentation since in a very good way it is very raw. The opinions of all of these professionals and well put together and the questions flow perfectly with the ideas they present. Climate change is a significant issue here in Japan too, I would love to see more interviews and professionals talk about this.

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