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My project is a light rail station for people with disabilities. Having nothing like this here in Jordan, this would help a lot of people. There is public transportation, buses and cabs(pricey) , but they are kind of a mess and always crowded so it’s hard for someone in a wheelchair to get on a bus, so this could be a solution for that and would be affordable too. It would be located in the two busiest areas in Amman,and go through Madaba to Sweileh Circle, and 3rd Circle to Al Mahatta terminal (see attached map; light green and lavender routes).

Easy access in and out the station; around the station should be an environment that they could easily for example be on wheelchairs.
Technology that accepts and works with all types of disabilities whether physically or mentally.

Shelter/waiting area, should also be disability-friendly; enough space for wheelchairs, maybe a mini supermarket with different types of foods/medicines, etc. . .
*To achieve almost all of this, elements of architecture like light should be taken into consideration.

From this

One of the most famous bus stations in Jordan; Jett

To that

Attached are screenshots of how my station will look like located in various locations. The open room gives you an idea of how a waiting area would look like.


FIRST- Case Studies

These are 2 of 6 case studies I did;

The RTD light rail lines E and F at the Lincoln Station in Lone Tree on July 30, 2014. Because there was not enough space/ strollers and bikes would take over the designated area for people with disabilities, “enforce a policy preventing people with strollers and large items from sitting in a wheelchair designated areas on buses.”

Civitavecchia Cruise Port Disabled Access. “The journey from Civitavecchia to Rome with a disability by public transportation is complicated but doable for many disabled travelers.” This is really similar to my project. The solution was
– The wheelchair lift at Civitavecchia train station
-The wheelchair lift at Rome Termini train station
– A spot in the train car with an accessible bathroom
– The transportation from the distant train platform at Termini station to the exit, and
– A train platform at Civitavecchia that does not require walking through a tunnel underneath the tracks

SECOND: Client Interviews

The client was my dad; an architect. I will ask him the following questions:

What do you think of my project?

How are your experiences so far with public transportation?

Do you think this would make a difference?

Any suggestions?

What stood out to you the most?

I skyped with him and recorded the following answers;

  1. “I think it is a brilliant project that will serve a group of people who were not considered by planners/designers and even part of governments in Jordan which led to a way where they were discluded from the community. “
  2. Perspective in Dubai; “I have experienced and still yet experiencing public transportation in Dubai and I find it very comfortable, easy to use, and one of the best out of all types of transportation indeed. Dubai metros considered all facilities and services needed for the use of disabled whether in stations or in cabins.”
  3. “Absolutely, it will create a great and major difference where it will allow people with disabilities to be active members in the society instead of being isolated and discluded.”
  4. – Use green building equipment…
  • Implement green regulations for materials
  • Use natural resources like light.
  • SIte up rather than down
  • Technology- signs/sensors/etc. FACILITATE All different types of disabilities.

    5. The idea of the project which saves an important group of the community whom were seen as obstacles, to now be active.

THIRD: Site Analysis

ceiling/floor/toilet/ramp/elevator/escalator/wall-color/etc.  (most important)
Neighborhood Context
NOT directly on road-huge surrounding area. Restaurants/pharmacies/etc.Bridge to cross road.
Linear organization!/ “Invitation vs.Rejection”/ openness vs. enclosure/ integration vs. segregation.
Huge role in my project! Temperature/smell & touch/feel
Many positive experiences to be made/ a solution

FOURTH: Needs Analysis

  1. Bathroom
  2. Supermarket/ restaurant
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Clinic
  5. Indoor waiting area; down and up
  6. Office

Main: Shelter/ waiting area = Land + Station

        *Skipping quite a few things

FIFTH: Bubble Diagrams

SIXTH: Mood Board

This is something which you keep building up on from the very beginning

SEVENTH: Schematics

This is the last step to how I came to create my station!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. April 25, 2019 by Sami Mohammad

    This is a brilliant iidea which can be an exaple for what projects that Jordan Capital “Amman” is in need considering serving all the community members, using natural resources and green building concept. Congratulations Maryam, you deserve big thanks your great efforts and my appreciation for your ideas and thoughts. Keep it on.

  2. April 26, 2019 by Kinda

    This a very nice initiation and could be developed further to be implemented into the city’s transport system.

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