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Climate change, generated by the combustion of fossil fuels of human activity, has, since the mid twentieth century, emerged as a pressing global environmental issue. Shifting climates around the globe, bringing detrimental changes to the way we live in, and the organisms that surround us too, has been the cause of melting glaciers, rising tides, desertification, as well as many other environmental disasters.

Throughout my study of climate change, in the course Climate Change and Global Inequality, I’ve been studying climate change from many different perspectives. I’ve had the chance to see it through many different lenses, the scientific and political notably, but have been mostly recently interested and engaged in learning about climate change in a solution based manner.

Going off of my “Seeking Solutions” project that I created for my Climate Change and Global Inequality GOA course, in which I researched about the impact educating girls can have in the global efforts of mitigating climate change, I created this project to further raise awareness on the impact this specific climate change solution, as presented by Drawdown, can have. “Educating Girls”, Drawdown says, “is one of the most powerful levers available for avoiding emissions by curbing population growth” worldwide. I believe, however, that the solution goes beyond just that.


Create an illustrated “children’s” book that demonstrates the importance of educating girls, specially those living in third world countries, in regards to improving standards of living globally and in regards to mitigating the effects of climate change. The book will specially concentrate on shedding a light on the different challenges girls have to endure to receive an education and become truly independent. The book will also touch on the detrimental effects of climate change that are already affecting girls.

SDG Connection

This project is connected to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


This is the process of creating a story like mine, in order to raise awareness on a certain issue or solution!

  1. Define your topic
    1. Pick a topic you like, which you’re passionate about
    2. Make sure the topic is researchable and that you will have enough information to work with.
  2. Research
    1. Look everywhere you can for information
    2. Setup a document to use to compile your information, similar to mine (see below)
    3. Take notes about what you’re reading, try to capture the information you need!
  3. Planning
    1. Make a “summary” of your research, pick out the most important points and elements of your topic
    2. Think about how you can bring these elements together and define the basis of your story (Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?)
  4. Writing
    1. Incorporate the important elements of your topic into your story in an almost implicit manner
    2. Keep your language simple! Do not include statistics or heavy jargon into your story, this will bore your readers out and take away from the story!
    3. Try to keep your story as close to reality as possible, this will make it more meaningful and educational!
  5. Illustrations
    1. Choose your medium wisely, make sure you feel comfortable with it and that you’re able to digitalize your artwork to make it accessible to as many people as possible!
    2. Divide up your story up as best as you can thinking of the drawings you could possibly make for each section, don’t just break your story apart randomly! Aim to illustrate those important aspects of your topic and story.
    3. Be creative! There’s no one way of illustrating or bringing a story to life!

The Story


It is not only the job of girls / women to alleviate the world from the desperate consumption and disposal of humanity that has led to rising green house gas emissions around the world and with that, climate change. Although it is important to keep our numbers controlled, to ensure that there is enough for every human, and enough space also for the Earth to breathe, we must acknowledge that in order to truly end the environmental strain we’re putting the Earth under we must as well improve our decision-making skills. Fewer humans does not mean less consumption if we all consume many times the amount that we need!

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  1. April 26, 2019 by Julie

    Hey Levith! I love your project, it’s presented in such an original and aesthetically pleasing way! I completely agree with everything you said, I also believe that education is the first and most important step towards fighting climate change! Do you think that climate change education is a big thing where you’re from in Mexico?

    • April 28, 2019 by Levith Andrade Cuellar

      Hi Julie!

      Thank you! I loved working on this project and I definitely wanted to make it something artistic and out of the norm!

      Climate change is definitely something that is very present in Mexico although I personally believe that it is not being talked about enough in the country. Mexicans are currently focusing more on solving the pressing corruption, violence and poverty problems that Mexico is harshly facing. I hope we can work towards finding a balance in our priorities and can start focusing on solving all of these problems effectively, accurately and intelligently.

  2. April 26, 2019 by Elyce

    This is a great topic! In your reflection you say ‘Fewer humans does not mean less consumption if we all consume many times the amount that we need!’, which I think is a statement paramount to society today. Not just in terms of the quantity of resources, but also the effect of the materials some of these resources are comprised of, like plastics, chemicals etc. I wonder how the sequel to this book would read, with a focus on the change required in our decision-making skills as a society to result in improved rates of conscious consumerism, in turn alleviating the environmental strain we’re putting on the Earth. That change in thinking, paired with empowering more women and girls through education, would bring about some serious impact!

    Nice work on tackling such an important topic,
    Elyce 🙂

    • April 28, 2019 by Levith Andrade Cuellar

      Hi Elyce!
      Thanks for coming into the site and checking out our presentations, very much appreciate it! 🙂
      I’ve also thought about writing a sequel to further add to the pool of knowledge and awareness out there, I can definitely see myself doing something similar to this to start the conversation about consumerism and how that is affecting the pace at which climate change is growing.

  3. April 29, 2019 by Alana.Johannson

    I love your story and think it can have a really great impact on youth around the world!

  4. April 30, 2019 by Christopher Ko

    Amazing way to present your project. The drawings as well as the story is a unique way on educating your readers. Education is a vital in the solution of global warming but I was wondering apart from education what other solutions do you devise that would help either alleviate carbon emissions or prevent global warming

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