End of Earth?


This world is on the brink of collapse. The planet that has sustained humankind for so long is going to be destroyed by the very species that it provided a home for. The overpopulation has caused multiple problems such as, deforestation, global warming, poisoning the water. People of this world choose not to see the devastating effects of their actions; icebergs melting, polar ice caps shrinking, forests getting smaller, whole species of animals going extinct, etc. I believe that this world has very little hope for survival. The planet will soon become unusable for both animals and humans, forcing the human race to resort to one of four options; go extinct and take the planet with it, leave the planet to heal itself and find themselves a new home, repair the damage done to the planet, or slowly start to die out and let the planet survive.

This project is a perfect candidate for the catalyst conference as it addresses a problem that affects each and every one of the people on the planet. This problem is one that would provide 4 outcomes and I can create a matrix diagram that would be able to give the predicted outcomes for the corresponding choices.

If humans leave = 0

If the Earth dies = -1

If the Earth heals itself = 1

If Humans stay = 1

Human AHuman B
Earth A0, -11, -1
Earth B0,11,1

Saddle point would be Earth B and Human B, in which case both the Earth and the Humans survive.

The Pareto optimal solution would be to play anything on the line y=1.

There is a 50% chance that Earth should play A or B, but there is a 0 chance of Humans playing A or B.

For non-game theory personnel: my solution to this topic would be to help nurse the Earth back to a healthy state because if we do not do as such the people of this planet would either have to leave or die along with the Earth. Therefore the most optimal solution would be to let the Earth heal itself or help it heal so that we can still have a home and not have to leave it in search of another.

For game theory personnel: My solution is the pretty clear through the use of the Matrix diagram. The saddle point would obviously be the one that benefits both Earth and humans, therefore, Earth and Humans should both play B. This is the survival of the human race and the planet Earth at the same time.

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  1. April 27, 2019 by Joe Mairs

    Awesome project! Since I fall under the category of “non-game theory personnel” that little snippet at the end was very helpful.

  2. April 28, 2019 by Jane

    Neel, this is a very interesting topic and project! I thought your matrix diagram was very creative and insightful. I definitely agree with you that changes need to be made in order to save our planet from the many different problems that threaten it. What do you think is the most important step we can take to save the planet? There are so many different solutions we could you, but I was wondering what you think would make the biggest impact.

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