Environmental Issues in Chennai


Pollution in the air and water both have the potential to completely destroy habitats for animals and have a negative impact on earth’s atmosphere and everyday life.

Oil spill on beach
Two tonnes of oil spilled at Ennore Port in Chennai

The air we breathe everyday is becoming increasingly polluted with 7 million deaths due to air pollution each year. One third of all deaths caused by lung cancer, stroke and heart disease are due to air pollution. There are two major types of pollution: Ambient (outdoors) and Household (indoors). Ambient air pollution is difficult to escape and can impact neighboring cities and countries.

Because of all the pollutants being released, the earth’s protective layers in the atmosphere have been degraded and this has caused more of the sun’s rays to reach the crust of the earth. This leads to global warming, which has the potential to annihilate nearly all plants and fish in the sea as well as cause dramatic environmental changes that will prove difficult for the plants and animals living there.


Methods exist that reduce pollution in energy, transport, waste management, housing and industrial sectors. These methods also have other positive effects including but not limited to reduced traffic and noise, increased physical activity and better land use.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Located at Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu in India. As the largest economic, cultural, and educational center of Southern India, Chennai is the 43rd most visited city in the world, attracting 45% of health tourists in India.

Nighttime cityscape of Chennai, also known as the gateway to South India

The city situates itself on a flat coastal plain known as the Eastern Coastal Plains. Three major rivers run through the city: Cooum River, Adyar River and Kortalaiyar. A protected estuary of the Adyar River forms a natural habitat for birds and animals. Cattle egrets, pond herons and other water birds are found on the banks of the Cooum and Adyar river.

Trekking Tours Outside City Limits with Beautiful Scenery

Unfortunately, the excess iron content and waste from domestic and commercial sources have polluted the waters and eroded the habitat around it. The Kortalaiyar river is heavily polluted with the harmful effluents poured out from industries and Cooum is so heavily polluted that it is considered the city’s eyesore.

Adyar River Protected Estuary

Other than water pollution, noise, air and garbage pollution has also plagued Chennai. The pollution is decreasing the quality of life and destroying the environmental beauty that has been a source of pride for citizens in Chennai.

Chennai’s beauty can be conserved and appreciated by educating the population and visitors about pollution and methods to decrease pollution. Many visitors have little awareness of the pollution deep in the city and travel to city limits to visit the beautiful scenery away from the high concentration of pollution.

Citizens living in Chennai have gotten used to the terrible air quality and do not know of the various methods that could help decrease pollution.

Therefore, it is clear that the first stage of action is to thoroughly educate the pollution issue in Chennai. With a clear understanding of the issue, the next step is to implement methods to decrease pollution. This way, people can continue to decrease pollution and tourists will be able to continue enjoying the stunning scenery.

Ways To Decrease Personal Pollution

Turn off unused lights

Lower the thermostat in the winter and raise in the summer

Plant trees and Plants

Buy from environmentally friendly brands

When traveling, stay at environmentally friendly hotels

Reuse plastic bags and water bottles

Recent Developments

A ban on plastic had been implemented, and plastic sales has dipped to 1/3 the amount before the beginning of the ban in January 2019. However, now 3 months after the ban, citizens are beginning to revert back to old ways and sale of plastic has once again increased. During the three month period manufacturing had dipped 25% and many citizens in Chennai are wondering why they are being punished and find the ban both troublesome and unfair.

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