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Correlation of Food Waste & Global Hunger

Countries who contribute to food waste & most wasted foods

The issue of food waste being the primary factor of global hunger is connected to Sustainable Development Goals #2. This goal includes ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture. These goals similarly overlap to the solutions of my project as diminishing the amount of food waste, contributes to all aspects of this goal. This solution is supported by a study by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, which found that limiting food waste on a global scale could reduce the need to grow more food by 60 percent.

Prevalence of hunger

Considering the fact that the resolution doesn’t require the complete elimination of food waste, this method would make a huge difference without majority of the public having to sacrifice a lot. In addition, not only does food waste increase the need for higher yields and pushes nations to encourage expanding farms, rotted food also means an increase in wasted valuable resources. Therefore, the solution of decreasing the amount of food waste is both environmentally and socially efficient, proving that this is the most attainable resolution that should be prioritized.

Global Hunger Awareness Survey

This survey tests awareness about global hunger in general and the effect food waste has on this issue. In pursuit of making people more aware about food waste and global hunger, the goal is to get all answers on this survey correct, proving my project effective and purposeful.

These graphs were created based the survey above conducted on high school students in the American School in Japan. The graph above shows that out of 18 students, only one was able to predict the answer to the question correctly; one person dies every second. This demonstrates the ignorance of high/middle class citizens on the gravity of global hunger and the huge toll it has on the lower class population.

50% of the students I surveyed thought the best way they could take part in reducing global hunger was by donating to nonprofit organizations instead of the correct answer, taking direct action themselves and reduce the amount of food they waste everyday. This indicates that we must make people more aware that they can directly contribute to reducing global hunger by taking action themselves and that it is the most effective solution.

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  1. April 29, 2019 by Abby Sekoff

    Hi! I loved the topic of your project. I have always been really bothered by the topic of food waste and always curious how this topic is dealt with. We always focus on hunger, but not the causes by food waste. One question would be what do you do to reduce your personal food waste? Like buying less to throw away less?Composting?

    • May 14, 2019 by Ami.Adachi

      I’m so glad that you’re also curious and driven on helping reduce food waste. I also believe that one of the best ways to reduce hunger issues is to put more focus and raise awareness about food waste and what to do with it because our land fills are already overflowing with different types of trash. The reason I was aware of food waste from a young age was because my parents always taught me from a young age not to get more food that I need or not to waste any food and eat everything on my plate. They explained to me the consequences of food waste through a documentary I watched. So in order to reduce my personal food waste, I continue to just buy and eat a moderate amount of food that I could finish. I also warn my friends not to waste their food, so at least I can make those around me aware of this widespread issue.

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