Q: How do I navigate this conference?

You can check out our page that has some tips for how to navigate the GOA Catalyst Conference.

Q: How do I get in contact with the conference?

Please use our contact page.

Q: Who designed the Catalyst Conference logo?


The logo was designed by David B of Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia.  He developed the logo as part of an assignment in his GOA Graphic Design class.

Q: When does the conference open and close?

The conference opens on April 25 around 00:00 UTC.  It will remain formally open through April 28.  Student projects will stay up for months after the conference and will eventually be archived.

Q: How can I find projects from my school?

You can filter all projects by school on the main conference page using the “schools” dropdown.

Q: I made a comment but it is not showing up, why?

All comments from non-registered users are moderated.  Once it clears moderation (either by conference staff or the post author) you will see it.