Victoria Park Homeless Shelters: Developing a community of homeless people through Urban Design

Justine Tam

This is a short video about the rise in numbers of homeless people in Hong Kong. please watch

Increasingly, being homeless has become a problem for a wider range of society. My project is important as I feel homeless people need to have the opportunities for community and care which most of us take for granted.

Why and How is it Prevalent in Our Society?

  • causes economic downturn, increases poverty, and family dysfunction
  • there is a 77% chance that a homeless person could sleep rough
  • caused by a lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, and other personal life events
  • has an adverse effect on their health and they become entrapped
  • failed to cope with their difficulties and alienated themselves from the rest of the world


Project Statement:

This project is meant to provide homeless people in Hong Kong with a space to live and a community to connect and bond with. Many people are unable to buy or rent an apartment/house because the rent is expensive and the land is limited. During terrible weathers and natural disasters, people can have an indoor space to live in and be safe from getting injured. In order to house a large number of people in a constricted area, I plan to design a building that contains small sections/rooms in Victoria Park. They will have access to clean water, showers, bathrooms etc. Victoria Park has many affordable restaurants nearby since it’s next to a shopping area as well. I plan to utilize part of Victoria Park and because it’s located in Causeway Bay (shopping area) but is private enough to allow people to feel less crowded. I also would like to make good use of the environment and help people connect to their surroundings through design. Since one of my goals is to help the homeless community connect, there will be a community center where people can gather and interact with each other.


This kind of shelter is a temporary shelter that focuses on durability, safety, and how easy it is to be built. This shelter serves for many purposes aside from homeless shelters, such as refugee crisis mitigations, inventory storage facilities, and seasonal camping lodges. Enviropod FRP domes are much more easy to build compared to other temporary shelters, but it also gives the user a greater sense of privacy and security.

Site analysis

This location allows me the flexibility to play around with the large open area surrounded by nature. The land is made of grass and is flat. This field also gives people the opportunity to view the city and nature at the same time. There will be loads of sunlight in the daytime since it’s an open space.

Initial Ideas:

This is a bubble diagram showing how the houses interact with each other and its surroundings

1st Phase Drawings – Schematic Design

Floor Plan:

the same design applies for other rooms

Site Plan:

Elevations and Perspective:

2nd Phase Drawings – Design Development


Site Plans:

Site Plan of Village (Note that there will be more rooms in addition to the four rows created)

Floor Plans:


I explored how the sliding door affects lighting in the room

Interior of a Room:

*the glass wall is used to show what’s in the bathroom even though it is not supposed to be transparent
I would be grateful if you are able to offer any suggestions to help me further develop my design idea, using the form below. Most importantly, when you are walking along the streets, be kind to whoever you see is homeless. It is often not a choice they have made, and they do need our respect and help. Thank you

Fuller information on my design process and bibliography of references can be found here.

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  1. April 26, 2019 by Henrietta

    I really like how you took an issue in your community and applied your skills to come up with a solution. I also thought your designs were really well thought out and I liked all the different sketches and models!

    • April 26, 2019 by Justine Tam

      Hi Henrietta, thank you for visiting my page and learning more about my project. I’m glad you liked my designs!

  2. April 27, 2019 by Ella Peterson

    I really enjoyed reading your webpage. You addressed a very important issue worldwide and came up with a useful and well-designed solution. Thank you!

    • April 28, 2019 by Justine Tam

      Hey Ella thank you so much for reading my project, and I hope this can encourage you to pay more attention to the homeless community within the area you live in.

  3. May 02, 2019 by Hana.Himura

    I liked how you tackled homelessness in your community. I really like your design that helps to make your community a better place!

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