How does Socioeconomic Status Affect​ the Health and Well-Being of People in New Orleans?


by Lenox Hill


– Most people desire to be healthy. However, today, we live in a society where it is harder and harder for people to have access to means for living this type of lifestyles. We live in a society where it costs a lot for people to live healthy lifestyles, but it costs even more for unhealthy people because they have to pay for medical intervention as a result of their unhealthy lifestyles. Furthermore, a lot of the time people are not even able to receive this medical intervention simply because they cannot afford it.
– This problem is very apparent in Louisiana. Louisiana is not the most wealthy state. The average household income is about $45,000 a year. That number becomes even lower and drops to around $36,000 when looking at the average house income in New Orleans.

The .6%

– What does this number represent? It represents the percentage of homeless people in Louisiana. While this number may seem tiny, it has a deep meaning. This number is a representation of people who do not have homes. Given that they do not have shelter, it can be assumed that a lot of these people do not have access to adequate healthcare. Some of these homeless people might not have any health conditions. However, a lot of the time people end up homeless because of underlying mental illnesses. Another way people sometimes become homeless is because they have to spend all of their money on their overwhelming medical bills.

The Statistics:

– Obesity in Louisiana: About 32.6% of adults in Louisiana are obese. About 17% of high school students in Louisiana are obese.
– Diabetes in Louisiana: About 13.6% of adults in Louisiana are diabetic.
– Kidney failure in Louisiana: In 2017 about 1,076 people died from kidney failure
– Heart disease in Louisiana: About 5.3% of adults in Louisiana were told that they had some type of heart diseases

Resources that are Necessary to Treat those Diseases and Illnesses:

– Obesity: Healthier foods options, physical activity (exercise), lifestyle changes, medication to help with weight loss, surgery for weight loss, therapy, etc.
– Diabetes: Healthier and well-balanced meals, exercising, medication (EX: insulin), taking care of your body when you are sick, limited/no alcohol intake, keeping track of blood sugar levels, regulating stress, etc.
– Kidney Failure: Medications, dialysis, kidney transplant, changing eating and lifestyle habits, becoming more active, avoiding drinking and smoking, keeping track of symptoms.
– Heart disease: Lifestyle changes, exercising, prescribed medications, surgery, monitoring levels (such as cholesterol), eating healthier foods, keeping track of symptoms, stopping smoking and drinking, etc.

Resources that are Available to People in Lower Socioeconomic Groups:

– There are many clinics and non-profit organizations across the state of Louisiana that have started giving free/low-cost medical care to people who are not able to afford healthcare insurance to pay for medical treatment. An example of this is the Common Ground Health Clinic in New Orleans, LA. This is a community clinic in New Orleans, and the patients who go there do not have any medical bills when they leave: it is free.
– Another available option is Medicaid. This is a program that was created by the federal government. This program is usually used by people who have low income and cannot afford health insurance.

How I Hope to Catalyze Change:

– After taking a look at this information, I hope you understand that there are some problems that need to be fixed. Louisiana is a place where chronic medical conditions like these are very apparent. However, people of lower classes are not getting treatment for these problems because they simply cannot afford it. While this organization is great for the services they provide, they are strictly functioning off of donations. That being said, I want to spread awareness about how people of lower socioeconomic groups are not able to receive the treatment that they need because they do not have the monetary means to. I am also going to start a fundraiser to raise money for organizations like the Common Ground Health Clinic in New Orleans. By doing this, I hope that it will open the doors for non-profit clinics to service more and more people of lower income, who might not have the means to pay for medical treatment. This is where you all come in.
My Call to Action: The Help I Need from You All
– As I said earlier, I am going to start a go-fund-me. The link is attached below. I am not going to simply ask you to donate to my page, but that would be great. I am going to ask everyone who is looking at this page to share the information that they have learned today with friends and family members. Please educate people on how healthcare impacts families and individuals of lower socioeconomic statuses. By doing so, hopefully, it will inspire others to want to donate to help those people have more access to treatment. While the link is attached on here, I am also going to create an Instagram ad. This ad will tell the story I am telling right now. I hope that this touches others and pushes them to help fix the gap in healthcare for people of lower socioeconomic statuses.

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  1. April 25, 2019 by Ms. Bach

    Nice work, Lenox!

    • April 26, 2019 by Lenox Hill

      Thank you Ms. Bach!

  2. April 30, 2019 by Jaren Manivong

    This is a really important topic. It’s interesting how socioeconomic status pretty much decides the quality of life you have forever, and how you’re already at an automatic disadvantage when dealing with things like mental health.

    • May 02, 2019 by Lenox Hill

      Thank you

  3. May 02, 2019 by Ira.Kadet

    This society is extremely unfair in terms of access to hospitals and good health. People should not have to be overcharged to have their life saved, or be cured of a mental disease. I really like your article and your call to action!

  4. May 05, 2019 by Lenox Hill

    I 100% agree with you.

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