Indoor Practice Facility

View into the interior of the Indoor Practice Facility

Atlanta, Georgia, USA is known for its bad traffic, but less known is its bad weather. The fall can be very hot all the way through October, when it starts to rain, until March, and finally thins out enough that it can become hot again.

The cycle never changes, which brings with it constant cancellations in outdoor activities, especially school athletics and P.E. classes. The school is responsible for the safety of athletes, and students aren’t safe in thunderstorms or extreme heat. The school also tries to promote good health and well-being for all students.

I am designing an indoor multi-sport athletic facility to let teams practice and play through the rough weather. Not only will athletes use it, but also P.E. classes. Westminster is a K-12 school, meaning that we have kids of all ages who not only participate in athletics, but also physical education. Many classes are already packed into the existing Turner Gym, and when an outdoor class gets cancelled, the teachers must pack in even more.

The goal is to make the new facility a supplement to Turner Gym, which already has four basketball courts, a ten-lane pool and diving well, an indoor track, squash courts, a weight room, and a sports medicine facility. Hopefully having a more open turf facility will help teams practice more efficiently, and give classes more freedom to run around and without worrying about hurting themselves on the gym floor.

This project aims to help support U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and well being. This facility will provide a place for year-round exercise which will promote good health in all seasons.

Building Site

Site for the proposed facility

The site requires a big, open field to accommodate a track with a turf field inside for athletic practices and classes. We also need a way to get to locker rooms underneath a shelter so that the students and athletes are completely safe during a storm. There is already a pavilion, but extending a cover over the sidewalks leading to the locker room would help keeps students much safer.

After the school’s practices, other organizations such as youth soccer, private coaching lessons, and youth groups could come and use the facility, so it also needs to be accessible to the outside community without interfering with students and faculty. This is already being done with the pool in Turner Gym, and is a great way for people without access to a pool to be able to use one.

Preliminary floor plan of the facility
Oblique view
Interior view
Rear view

Making Your Community Healthier

Here are some ways to help your community overcome obstacles and grow healthier: 1. Buy or make an agility ladder. These are not only great for helping athletes work on footwork, but can help the average person improve their fitness.

2. Body weight exercises like pushups, sit-ups, and pull ups are actually some of the most effective ways to get in shape.

3. For athletes, any garage can instantly be turned into a workout area. In my own garage, I have a turf mat and a net so I can practice kicking footballs and soccer balls when the weather is bad.

Please fill out the survey (link below) to give me a better understanding of what could help better the health of your community!

I am an Eagle Scout, and my project was building a “Gaga Ball Pit” which is where one plays the popular summer camp game of the same name. I built the ball pit at Camp Kiwanis, a summer camp run by the Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Club which gives underprivileged kids a place to come to summer camp. This pit promotes good health and exercise, especially for kids who do not have access to nice gyms or sports facilities. This is one way that you can help your community in becoming a healthier, more fit place.
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  1. April 30, 2019 by Courtney

    Wow! I love this idea. I live in Miami, Florida and am currently in lacrosse season and the heat outside is unbearable. If these were to become more available to areas that suffer from extreme heat, I think there would be less chance for heat exhaustion and strokes. Another factor would be during storms/rainy days we usually have to cancel practice so this could provide a solution to another problem.

  2. April 30, 2019 by Day.Nuckolls

    Hi! The graphics on your presentation is outstanding! I think that the survey is also a great idea in getting people involved with your presentation!

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