Luke Sabracos Catalyst Conference


Goal: In modern society there a lack of education and knowledge mirrors in popular urban areas so influencers and younger people will pose in front of them, ultimately creating a landmark and bringing traction and awareness to the problem at hand through popular design and social media marketing.

My Pitch!

Design Sketches: These are the original sketches that I started to draw to really think out my idea and how I could make it unique, creative, and aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint. Catalyst Sketches

Work in progress: This is a little sneak peek of the work that was done in editing my final design. It explains the origin of my content and my intentions in each portion of the designs. Catalyst Download

Final Presentation:

Linked in my final presentation which includes everything on this page and the final designs as they turned out. I did my best to explain how I want to create change with my designs and how they can be effective example of what it would look like in real life.

Interact: vote on you feel about this project and whether you think you would take a picture in front of one of these mirrors! Also follow me on Instagram so that you can be notified when I bring something like this to life!

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