Opportunities in Colorado for kids with disabiltiies


By: Natalie Gendelman

A quick summary over learning disabilities and the challenges some kids and families face. A mom tells the story of her kid to spread awareness.

I did my project on opportunities in Colorado for kids with disabilities. This project was inspired by my brothers who both have autism. I presented to my peers and then had them take a form to see their perspectives on this issue. Below is the link to the video I make discussing the project and the results.

Results from the survey:

This is a video from kids with disabilities and how they feel in public schools. Kids discuss their struggles and concerns with teachers in public schools. They face a lot of challenges and it is a perspecive that is not always seen.
The YMCA in Denver is giving kids with disabilities an opportunity to work and train for future jobs. This is an example of a good opportunity for kids with disabiltiies in Colroado.
This is another very important opportunity in Colorado that many people participate in. I did not include it in my video, but it is still a great place that allows many different activities for kids with disabiltiies.
Public school vs. Private school
This is what a parent should do in order to help their child in the public school system.


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