Philadelphia Waterways


Philadelphia was one of the earliest developed cites in the U.S. so the integrity of the physical structure of old pipes and water transport utilities are declining in the past years. This has an impact on the quality of drinking water in certain areas of Philadelphia. The history of pollution in rivers is long. Examples include the Schuylkill river being polluted for years from Tanneries and other Factories dumping toxic waste into the river upstream outside of the city. Although they have stopped factories from doing this, the repercussions are still affecting waterways in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania immensely. While this history of pollution in Philadelphia’s waterways is the reason for their polluted stasis, there is a current problem of continuing this trend. Although the local government and other organizations are making progress in cleaning our water nothing will get done if citizens continue to pollute, this applies to anywhere. Everyday citizens may not know how polluted the water is and they might have no idea that they themselves are continuing to pollute it. I have given some very simple first steps that any average person could work into their life and hopefully the incentive to learn more or get involved in larger projects.

Below are a few steps from my process

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