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The Problem

Performance gaps between children of high and low socioeconomic statuses reflect the extensive unfulfilled needs among children coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Lower educational achievement has a direct correlation with economic prospects later in life. If we do not bridge the gap between the education received across all socioeconomic statuses, there will not be social mobility in many generations to come. This indisputable relationship among economic inequalities and education inequalities represents a glaring “red flag” in society that society needs to address.



Breakthrough’s Mission: Provide scholars with the tools and peer relationships necessary to achieve their ambitious life goals.

Breakthrough addresses the disparities in the field of education by working with scholars from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and empowering them to accomplish what ever they set their minds to. Breakthrough operates under a “student teacher” model in which high school students and college students help Breakthrough scholars enter and thrive in college-prep high school programs and college. As a student teacher myself, I work with kids and strive to expose them to limitless opportunities that come with a strong academic foundation. By providing underprivileged children with a greater level of education, they will have the opportunity to enter the medical field and promote positive change within it.

Transcript of an Interview with a Breakthrough Board Member:

Cornelia: Hi my name’s Cornelia. I’m on the board of breakthrough and I’ve been a member for about three years.

Yasmina: Since you’ve been an enormous part of breakthrough, can you just talk to about how you think breakthrough impacts the scholars and their future academic careers?

Cornelia: I definitely think a breakthrough has an enormous impact on the kids because it gives them the tools in order to further their careers because they are all smart kids and they already know that they’re going to be able to do great things in their lives, but they just don’t have the tools or the connections to make that extra step.

Yasmina: Do you think breakthrough incentivizes the kids to focus more on their academic careers and push them to go further in their academic endeavors?

Cornelia: I definitely think it does because for example for the eighth graders that are going to be moving onto the College Bound program have a meeting with alumni of the Breakthrough program. Some of these people went to medical school or Ivy League colleges, so it shows them that they really can do whatever they set their mind to. As long as they work hard and they focus on their schoolwork anything is possible.

Yasmina: Do you have an anecdote to share of a student who has been impacted by breakthrough?

Cornelia: Of course! One day at after school tutoring I was helping this girl named Alexia. She needed help studying for the SSAT which is the test that would allow her to be admitted into a private high school. On this test, they have a lot of scientific based questions. While I was helping her with them, she became so interested in the background information and all the graphs. She decided she wanted to enter the world of STEM because she was so inspired by all our conversations and my explanations connected to that field.

Breakthrough Statistics

Call to Action

Breakthrough Locations across the United States

Breakthrough is a national organization with multiple sites throughout the country. I encourage everyone to join this program in order to participate in combating disparities in education along the socioeconomic dimension. I invite everyone interested to join a zoom call where I will be answering any questions you might have about Breakthrough and all of its successes. The zoom call will take place on Monday April 29 at 7:30 pm eastern time:


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  1. April 29, 2019 by Abby Sekoff

    Hi Yasmina!
    Super good project. I love this idea of this organization, it targets a very prominent issue. The interview was a great way to add some insight to the organization for the viewers of your page.What is it like working with the students? Are they all super into it? Do you have to motivate some?

    • April 30, 2019 by Yasmina Haddad

      Hey Abby!
      Great questions! Working with the students is definitely an extremely fulfilling experience, but I do have to motivate many to be more engaged. It can be difficult at times, but all of the students ultimately gain so much from the program, so the hardships are definitely worth it!

  2. April 30, 2019 by Yasmina Haddad

    Hey Abby!!
    Great questions! Working with the students is really fulfilling, but it can definitely be hard to keep them engaged at times. Its definitely work the hardships at the end because ultimately they all gain so much from the program.

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