Racial Inequality: New York

About Inequality

In the United States, racial inequality is defined as social disadvantages that affect different races within the United States. This is due to several reasons. The first of which are historic oppressions. Throughout the history of the United States, there has been racial oppression, the most evident of all is slavery. This is an important issue, and it must be dealt with.


When there is racial inequality, there tends to be oppression, or disadvantages to minorities. They tend to get less income, worse education, and decreased opportunities. This way, they aren’t able to get the necessary income or education to make themselves more wealthy, and open opportunities to other people of the same race.

Relevance To SDG

The app is based on the tenth UN SDG of having reduced inequalities. With my app, I hope to raise awareness and allow people to understand the issue, therefore sparking a movement to reduce inequalities. More information for this SDG can be seen in the link below.

Whats Going On With The Issue Now

Many people think that Racial Inequality is a problem of the past, however, it still exists. The website lined here shows different statistics proving the existence of racial inequality in the United States now.

Strategy For Change

To change this, and end racial inequality, we need to all do several things. To begin with, education is vital. People from non-minority races need to be educated about what is happening. From there, help needs to be provided to minority races. They should be provided with more options for jobs, and opportunities. Along with that, people need to understand and accept different cultures and cultural ideas.

Call To Action

To solve a problem, people must know of it’s existence. While awareness is being raised as of now, it is important that we all know of the causes and effects to Racial Inequality. When people realize the effects of a problem, change is sparked, and people understand what needs to be done. Therefore, I ask all of you to simply understand and be aware of what is going on. Post about it on social media, and tell your stories about racial inequality, and finally, educate yourselves, and people you know of about racial inequality. Let’s begin taking steps to end this.

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  1. April 30, 2019 by Abhinav.Kumar

    Hey Naman I found your topic really interesting and inspiring. It is an important issue.

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