Responsible Energy Use

Responsible energy use is keeping an eye on how much electricity you are using each day, cutting out excess electricity use, and reducing the amount you use each day.

Reducing your daily energy usage helps us work towards these two Sustainable energy goals. The burning of fossil fuels creates huge amounts of Co2, which is very harmful to the environment. It creates a layer of gas that traps heat inside the atmosphere, warming up the earth and destroying fragile ecosystems.

Not only will cutting down on energy use save yo money, it will also lower the overall price of electricity to a more affordable rate. If less electricity is being bought, energy companies will lower their prices as to stay afloat, helping out everyone in the long run.

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Why should we reduce our energy usage?

The main reason people need to cut down on power is for the good of the environment. 81% of the energy made around the world comes from gas, coal, and oil, all highly polluting and limited resources.

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The worlds energy is predominantly fossil fuels

The burning of these resources released 37.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2018, a record high. As you can imagine this amount of Co2 has a devastating effect on the ozone layer and is currently the leading cause of global warming.

What can be done to reduce these numbers?

Although saving a little bit of energy in one household will only make a tiny difference on the grand scheme, if everyone chopped a quarter of their energy usage off, it could save billions of dollars and thousands of tonnes of Co2. Also YOU get immediate effect because you get to save money!

The first thing you can do to reduce your energy use is to find out how much you are really using, and put that into a real perspective. You can do this by looking at the statistics on your power bills, or if you have a power meter in your house, you can look at that.

This is what our power meter looks like.

In 2018, our family of 6 used about 69,000 kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity. That’s about 42 barrels of oil or 4124 Kilograms of co2. This is based on the assumption that the energy was made on the average mix of different fuels on a global average. You can find out how many barrels of oil you use at

What are some things you can do to reduce energy use?

The biggest uses of electricity in the household are heating, air conditioning, and lighting, The best way to cut down is just to not lend any electricity to rooms that aren’t in use. turning things off as you leave the room is the best way to regulate this. There is no use of a warm or lit room with no-one in it, so reduce your bill and save Co2 going into the atmosphere, try to only use the heating, air conditioning, and lights in the room you re currently in.

But of course, there is the problem of forgetfulness. Everyone can forget to do something as trivial as turning off the lights, so that is the reason for my Light Switch sticker.

Save the Narwhals light switch sticker

You can design your own light switch sticker with the template below, and print it out so same energy in your own home! Be creative, there are no limits to what you can put on your sticker. By turning the lights off, you are technically saving the homes of animals, the ozone layer, the earth itself and its resources, mention these things! Once you’re done, post it on Instagram to the hashtag #responsiblestickers. Be sure to comment on other peoples posts, and have fun designing!

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  1. April 29, 2019 by Ben Tanenbaum

    I completely agree that we are all forgetful and can leave rooms empty without turning the lights off. However, light switches can be placed in inconvenient areas of a room where you would not see them or the sticker if you were walking out of the door. Do you think it would work better to put something on the door or door handle in order to make it more visible?

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