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Humans need water to survive. Water makes up 70% of our planet, and it is easier to think that access to it will always be plentiful. It is one of the most necessary commodities in our life today and makes up our bodies, our earth and essentially our life. However, access to fresh water is incredibly rare. Additionally, almost a billion people do not have access to clean water or sanitation and 30,000 deaths each week come from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. As humans, we are one and the same. We should be helping our fellow humans in every way possible to combat this issue and water is a way to do this. For my project, I decided to create branding for a club at my school. This included creating a logo, a slogan, product designs, and an app to raise awareness at my school and ultimately other schools around the country. I hope you enjoy going through my design process and the final project. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions 🙂

Design Inspiration:

Initial Sketches

Catalyst Conference Project Pitch: to an external site.

Infographics and Logos

The Dalton Water Project is a club at my school (Dalton) that raises money and awareness for larger organizations such as charity water. Charity Water is a non – profit organization that organizes trips and raises funds to support the sustainable development goal of clean water and sanitation for all. The Dalton Water Project is important because it helps to raise awareness on a more local scale. The goal of my project was to create branding and an app for the Dalton Water Project in order to provoke the creation of such clubs at other schools and inform viewers about the water project in general.

App Design Sketches + Prototypes

Here are some initial sketches and an unfinished prototype for my app design. Once completed with the design on Adobe XD, I created a video highlighting the important features on the app which will include more resources to learn even more, and donate and poll buttons to engage with the viewer.

Additional Dalton Water Project Gear

I designed additional Dalton Water Project Gear to create more buzz about this organization and others that can help spread awareness about the water project. I utilized the white color scheme to create a contrast with the actual logo. I designed hats, frisbees, water bottles, crewnecks and pop sockets which are photographed below.

Charity Water

Charity Water is a non-profit organization which intends to provide people around the world with healthy and safe drinking water. They work with local governments to try to develop water systems that provide the best sustainable solution for each place whether its a piped system, BioSand filter or a system for harvesting rainwater

Water Project App

Real Time Conversation

In order to engage with audience members and test their understanding of their own water use, I have created a questionnaire. This questionnaire intends for the user to reflect on their own water usage as well as become more informed with water usage in general. In addition to this questionnaire, I will include my email address and text to be open to conversations and questions with various viewers. The google form is below. If you have any follow up questions, don’t hesitate to reach me through email at, or through text at 917-932-5768

I hope that you have found this page informative and learned about why the water project is so important to me and people around the world. I kindly urge you to continue the conversation in the comments below. Additionally below is a link to volunteer opportunities regarding the water project. Please leave suggestions, ideas, etc. about what you can do. Any small action can help. Thanks 🙂

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