The Dawn of Depression In Teens of the U.S.

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Many of my friends and family members have experienced depression around me on all different levels of severity. Through seeing all of these different experiences I have gained a lot of insight and desire to learn more about depression. I want to learn more about it so that I can not only help others around me when I see them struggling but also to raise the awareness on how others should help their friends out when they see it happening to them. I think the more people that hear about the small ways you can help your community, the better off we as a society of teenagers will be when dealing with depression.


Depression sweeps the teenage population of the United States. It is the number one mental illness for teens. 20% of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood. Of these 20% of teens that experience depression, a vast majority of them think at least once about suicide. This is a life threatening illness for many teenagers in our world.

The reason why depression is spiking in teens in the US in the past few years is because of the use of social media. More often than not, the use of social media can make someone feel more and more alone. They feel as though social media is solely a platform they need to be perfect on and so when they log onto their accounts, they see everybody posting their “perfect” lives that they feel like they don’t have. Thus, spiraling people into a deeper and darker whole of depression because they feel as though they can’t escape it nor succumb to the “perfect” life that they think everyone else has. I think it is important to not portray a “perfect” life on social media but more so your REAL life and who you truly are… not who others want you to be or think you are. I have definitely tried to implement this into my life recently because of how I have seen it affect others with their depression.

How to identify someone struggling with depression:

  • Lost of interest in things that they previously enjoyed
  • Sleep difficulties (wether that be lack of or excessive amounts)
  • Eating changes
  • Anger and Irritability
  • Loss of confidence

How to help someone struggling with depression (call to action):

  • Talk to the person about what you have noticed in them
  • Explain that you understand that depression is an illness not a personal flaw of theirs… make them feel as though you are right there with them and support them
  • Explain to them there are professionals to help them but if they are not comfortable with this, make them aware that you are there to be their listener
  • Make plans with them to keep them company
  • And finally, be patient with them and follow in their lead
  • If you want a bit more on what to say to someone, here is a great article that showed me great ways to help others:

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  1. April 28, 2019 by Lizzie Nash

    Caroline! I love how organized your page is! It is extremely easy to navigate and I feel like I now have the proper tools to help someone who is suffering from depression! I also love the interactive components of your presentation. The video was extremely helpful! Overall great job!

    • April 29, 2019 by Caroline.Cummins

      Thank you Lizzie! Im glad that the page was easy for you to navigate because I tried to make it so that people knew exactly where to go when they were trying to find different components of the project and I think that as someone who reads other presentations, I noticed that I like to read pages that are easy to navigate. Im glad you found the video helpful, I did too! Thanks again!!

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