The Impact of Modern Technology on Music


There are many technological advances that probably come to mind when talking about music- Spotify, Apple Music, Garage Band, Midi Instruments, the list could go on forever. People tend to look over the power that technology has given musicians and non-musicians alike.

A Few Examples of How Technology Has Positively Changed Music


Think about how easy it is to listen or create music today. Thousands of programs and applications are available without cost- Spotify, Youtube, Garageband, Soundcloud, Pandora- just to name a few. Innovation drives music. With new material around us constantly, there is a world of inspiration allowing for budding musicians to create content and share it with the public.

New Sounds

A lot of today’s music is based around sounds that cannot be produced with something simple like a piano or acoustic guitar. The addition of synthetic sounds, effects machines, and editing software has drastically altered the industry. There is now an endless possibility of sounds, and no need to record hundreds of times until it is perfect. Now more than ever, if you can think it, you can do it.

A brief history of one of the first widely used synthesizers and its impact

My Thoughts

While many believe that these technological advancements dilute true musicianship, I believe that, for the most part, that the accessibility and ease of creating only brings out the musician in many people. Whether that means listening to and appreciating the music of other cultures, creating a song from household items, or writing, producing, mixing, and mastering a full length composition- technology allows us to roam this new world of music freely and with an open mind.

My Composition

I see the piece I created (below) as proof that anyone can create a piece of music. I created this piece using only a laptop and keyboard. You will hear how many different sounds and rhythms I was able to create using simple, free computer software. With this kind of power, I could create hundreds and thousands of projects, and so could most anyone with an idea.

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  1. April 26, 2019 by Kirsten.Mettler

    This music is very jazzy,. I wouldn’t be able to tell that this was made in a computer. I wonder how this will impact the integrity of music ? Now, music requires a lot of training, practice, and expertise. Now, with music being easier to achieve, will music grow in a positive or negative one? We have to wait and see.

  2. April 27, 2019 by VJ

    I am glad to see that you do have a extensive music knowledge. There are few youth who actually know what a Minimoog is, let alone the musicians who used it. When you describe “effects machines”, there are many that come to mind: synthesizers, pedals, Peter Frampton’s talk box, to name a few. However, with the rise of autotune and more “modern” machines, I would say that the quality of music is indeed decreasing since the turn of the century, with musicians requiring less skill these days to the times of music’s golden age. When you compare modern singers like Kesha, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Maroon 5 to the singers of the 60s, 70s, and 80s: Elton John, The Beach Boys, and Linda Ronstadt, it is quite obvious who is going to be able to stand the test of time versus who will go down in musical infamy.

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