The Implications of Gender Binaries for LGBQT+ People in Boarding Schools


What can you do?

1.) Start a club. In my school some students created a club called GayALA to educate the student body on the LGBTQ+ community. This was a great way to educate and also have people talking and destigmatizing this community.

How to create a LGBQT+ club:

2.) Educate yourself. I shall include a link below to a book that talks about how to make boarding schools more inclusive. This was you can learn what you can do and ideas you can give to the administration in your school.

3.) Listen. This is especially important if you are not part of the LGBTQ+ community. You need to hear people’s personal experiences and let them teach you about themselves. It is also very important to listen in order for you to understand.

How to an ally:

Supporting LGBTQ+ students:

Please visit the page below and share with me other solutions to the topic of making boarding schools more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people

My Reflection:

Whilst conducting this research, I was able to learn a lot. I realised that the implications of gender binaries are not as black and white as I thought. I spoke to students at my school and was able to see that my progressive liberal mindset is very different from others and some of my suggestions to change these binaries may seem radical to some. This is due to the societies they grew up in, their religion and the messages they grew up hearing. Also inclusion also creates other problems specifically in boarding schools. Safety issues need to be considered as well as parental expectations of the academy. I also learned how to be a better ally to my classmates that do not necessarily fit into the norm. I am currently looking forward to future conversations that I will have and also collaborating with people on my campus that are tackling a similar issue.

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  1. April 26, 2019 by Moitse Kemelo Moatshe

    Well done Ashley! This is great work.

    • April 26, 2019 by Ashley.Omondi

      Thank you <3

  2. April 26, 2019 by Temilolu Awofeso

    So proud of you <3

    • April 26, 2019 by Ashley.Omondi

      Thank youuu <3

  3. April 29, 2019 by Lisa Kopelnik

    Hi Ashley,
    Your project is so relevant and well-researched. It’s amazing that you were able to get quotes and testimonies from students and Deans. Thanks for raising awareness around this issue and for providing a large amount of background and current information.

  4. May 04, 2019 by Susan

    Interesting topic and well thought out arguments Ashley! Keep it up.

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