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About The App

I created and designed this NSC app simulation to create a platform where updates concerning the conference including meeting location, meeting times, announcements or photos regarding the Nigerian Schools Conference. This one platform of the app would make it easier to communicate information regarding the Nigerian Schools Conference across a wider audience.

In relation to graphic design, while creating this app, I payed particular attention to the design principles of colour, type, shape, line, symmetry, scale and hierarchy. Through the use of these design principles, I was able to create an app simulation which communicates the goals and ideas presented during the Nigerian Schools Conference on a single platform.

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The NSC Merchandise

In addition to creating an application to organise all the information needed during the Nigerian Schools Conference such as scheduling information, an identification card for the attendees etc., I also created a short film as well as shirts the volunteers of the NSC can wear during the event to make it more clear who the attendees can ask for help if they’re lost.

I also designed lanyards to be worn by all members of the NSC planing committee (volunteers, speakers etc.). The royal blue colour of the lanyard matches with the blue in the NSC logo as well as the blue in my school logo.
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