Visiting Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is the most populous city in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole. It serves as an economic hub and also has the highest GDP in Africa. With high GDP comes high rates of growth, which Lagos is also experiencing. In 2015, unofficial reports cited that the “Greater Metropolitan Lagos” had a population of 21 million people. That’s a lot! With all of these people, there are bound to be some problems. Generally, the app explores issues of inequality in Nigeria. Specifically, racial and economic. Lagos, in particular is rife with examples of a system that works for a select few. Racially, the Nigerian government has also been extremely slow on the uptake of racial protections and steps to counteract rifts in society.

The United Nations condemned the Nigerian government for failing to take steps to prevent racial discrimination. The Nigerian legal system does not provide an actual definition of legal discrimination (FIDH). There is also a clash between long-term residents of Nigeria and those that are considered “settlers”; the Nigerian government has again failed to intervene in these matters (FIDH). In Lagos, particularly, there is crushing income inequality. The Guardian explored this epidemic in a recent article, reporting that “At least 86 million people live in extreme poverty in Nigeria. The country’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, is said to earn 8,000 times more each day than a poor compatriot would spend on their basic needs in a year.” (The Guardian). Clearly, this is a massive issue. Many people blame corruption, and an economic model that only benefits the rich as contributing factors to this issue (The Guardian). The question remains, what can we do about it? The first step is to inform. A lot of people see Lagos as a rich city undergoing massive amounts of growth; assuming that the economic model works for everyone.

Greater public knowledge is the first step to solving this issue. Donating to humanitarian charities and volunteer organizations is the second. There is so much important work that needs to be done to empower an entire Nigerian population to overcome the economic and racial disadvantages that are ingrained in the political system.

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  1. April 27, 2019 by Everett.Honour

    Hey Francis! I thought your presentation really explained a lot of facts about Nigeria that most people don’t know. The issues that you talk about are really unacknowledged and using your presentation to touch upon them is very useful.

  2. May 01, 2019 by Shilpa H.

    Hey Francis,
    I live in Lagos, Nigeria, therefore, this presentation was very engaging to me. Every day I get to see the issues that are going on around me but I also get to see the cultural richness. I think the way you addressed people’s misinformation on this beautiful country through your app is amazing. I hope you follow through on this project as I believe it could really show people what it’s really like here. Thank you for your project!

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