Women’s Rights in Nigeria

Women’s rights in Lagos, Nigeria is a constant concern for women citizens as the development in this field has been advancing in almost all areas of the world, however Lagos has not been making similar strides. Instead, the Nigerian government has maintained laws that keep women out of civil society. Nigerian women are trying to bring this issue into the public eye to expose this extremely detrimental problem.

Women’s rights are particularly important in Lagos because of the economic prosperity of the city. Lagos is a center for businesses and the Nigerian economy, as well as tourism. As a result, the city is highly developed and industrialized but still has not recognized women in society. By allowing women in society, the city would be able to flourish even more than it already has, and women would be able to join the rest of the world in the advancement of equal rights and opportunity.

Supporting women’s rights in Nigeria

Achieving equal rights and equal opportunity does not occur by changing the mind of one individual, instead awareness and a following needs to be created first. In order to solve this issue, information needs to be spread to Nigerian citizens in order to gain recognition of the movement. My app, “Womanizer”, is just one example of a way to spread awareness. Social media campaigns, marches and rallies, and news articles are all ways the women’s rights movement can reach the people of Lagos and become a common topic of conversation.

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