Women’s Rights in Nigeria

While there are many third world country problems, one of the most notable is women’s rights. Women, historically, have not had the equality and abilities they deserve; while this might be fixed in many countries, it sadly is still an issue in some third world countries. Lagos, Nigeria – a tourist destination with Africa – is still one of these countries that are struggling with this problem. Women within Nigeria have taken steps to promote themselves and their cause, garnering attention from both within and outside of Africa. The more people know about this issue the more they can allocate their thoughts and deeds towards fixing it, especially if they plan to travel to one of these locations.

There are several issues with Nigeria, but the most wide-spread is inequality. It almost seems as if it is a country stuck in a 19th century time loop. The corrupt nature of the government creates a very difficult situation for women, especially women who are trying to fight for their rights. While women currently are allowed to work small jobs, it was just ten years ago that they were forced to be house-wives and were not allowed to attend schools.

Women’s Rights In Lagos, Nigeria (Application)

While this application is a very small piece to a very large puzzle, it does have useful information on the topic (as well as planning devices for a trip to Lagos). If people were to use the application just to get a general sense of the topic and then work on their own in order to improve the conditions in Lagos (or Africa as a whole) that would be the best outcome. People need to be able to get a sense of the topic in order to work on improving it – whether that means using this application or doing your own research, anything to get a general sense of the problem is a good start. If each person who looked at this app did just a little bit to help the issue, the impact would be enormous; if this is the case for a small number of people, just think about what could happen if a huge network of people decided to help out.

Use #WomensRightsLagos to show your support for those who have to live with this issue every day in Nigeria.

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  1. April 26, 2019 by Sheena.Kwon

    This is rarely talked about but definitely needs to be addressed more! I really enjoyed that you were able to put in interesting videos that helped enhance your presentation and helped the reader get a broader understanding of the topic. I wonder what specific work students can do in their community to help women in Nigeria.

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